Nicholas Collis created the Lots Of Bottles Wine Consultancy early in February 2015, as a wine consultant – having traded as The Pewsey Vale Wine Company (between September 1994 through to January 2015).

In tandem with Bill Warry (Restaurateur & freelance photojournalist for “Cyprus Alive”) – Nicholas continues to coordinate the development of Wines and Tours Ltd at home and overseas, but can be available for consultations on various wine-related activities – like:

  • Wine Tastings format
  • Tasting Notes on certain wines, via email
  • Sourcing specialist storage cabinets, wine racking & accessories.
  • Wineglasses, for hire
  • Wine Storage – how and where
  • Food & Wine pairings
  • Ideas on Wine for Parties.

In association with Wines and Tours Ltd. (www.winesandtours.co.uk) stemming from a coalition with Vitoria Koi Wines, we continue to promote “wine tourism” at home, in Portugal and elsewhere overseas.


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