In association with Wines & Tours Ltd. a new initiative has been created for 2021 to comply with the Covid-19 virus restrictions.

As such, Wines & Tours’ new idea offers YOU and your friends to decide the date of your ideal single-day wine tour experience.

For your ultimate safety, Wines & Tours suggest that overseas air travel is avoided, until scientists have managed to restore normal health standards in the UK and elsewhere.

Your chosen single-day with Wines & Tours must be taken sometime between the Spring through to late September 2021, in selected wine growing regions within the UK or in the Republic of Cyprus.

For a general idea of single-day wine tours’ – take a look at their web pages via and then contact them by telephone or by email. Contact details are shown below.

Telephone inquiries are FREE (from your UK landline or mobile) on + 44 (0) 800 135 7982 or simply send an email to;

For forthcoming events, Click here to enquire


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